Two Kids in Giant Trenchcoat Try to Sneak Into Black Panther

By Alex Firer
A true "Bojack Horseman" classic.
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  • Look, Black Panther represents a lot of things to a lot of people — aspirational politics, black representation, Afrofuturism — and for two no good teens — a chance to buy one ticket for two people apparently.

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  • In two videos posted to Twitter we see two teens walk awkwardly in a massive trenchcoat — reminding us all of the classic “kids in a trenchcoat” bit a la Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horseman. But, as they approached the box office, the man giving tickets was in no mood. Watch in awe as the kid refuses to get off the shoulders of his friend, shriek in fear as they are turned away, and gaze in horror as the kind of teen who does this kind of thing would understand nothing about the real world subtleties and important politics of Killmonger’s plan — but they would probably still laugh at the part where Shuri calls Ross a colonizer.

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