Halsey Is Helping a Little Girl Go Sneaker Shopping

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  • Are you familiar with Complex’s show Sneaker Shopping? Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve most likely seen an episode or two on YouTube.

    It’s the show that takes top artists and athletes to the best sneaker stores around the U.S. for — you know — some incredibly expensive sneaker shopping. The show has followed the likes of many, including Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan, YG, Bella Hadid, and many, many more.

    A recent episode with Halsey, however, caught the attention of Twitter user Joe Stracci and, more importantly, his 4-year-old daughter. Check it out below —

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  • Stracci tweeted to host Joe La Puma — “.@JLaPuma Made the mistake of watching a few Sneaker Shopping eps with my 4-year-old. Now she insists on “making” our own episodes. Have to do the whole thing—intro, stories, picking out what to buy. The @halsey ep blew her mind. Hope I’m doing you justice.”

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  • Now, we’ve all been here before — we send a tweet to our favorite show, artist, actor, etc. — but a response is usually very unlikely. Stracci, however, was incredibly lucky. Joe La Puma saw his message and said: “She [Stracci’s daughter] has to come to a taping soon!”

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  • Once Stracci gave his daughter the news, she hopped on a call with Joe La Puma (on her toy cell phone) right away! Watch —

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  • Well — it wasn’t really Joe La Puma, but wasn’t that video just too cute? According to Stracci’s daughter, she was discussing the taping, saying: “I was talking to him about the taping. Maybe this weekend? I’m off on the weekend.”

    Enter Halsey — once she saw what was going on, she made an incredibly generous offer. She tweeted: “I will personally fund travel / accommodations / AND the cost of shoes for her episode. young LEGEND.”

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  • As you can imagine, Stracci and his daughter were in awe over the news. Stracci tweeted: “Wow, that’s—wow. She was amped at bedtime and I can guarantee it’s going to be the first thing on her radar at 6am tomorrow. Now I have developments to relay. Thanks to both of you just for responding.”

    Such a humble response. It makes me that much more excited to see this upcoming episode of Sneaker Shopping with the “young LEGEND.”

    Do you think Joe La Puma and Halsey will actually make this happen? I sure hope they do! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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