Trump Dating Site’s Model Was Convicted of Child Sex Crime

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  • Over the weekend the internet cringed as they discovered the existence of a dating site only for Trump supporters. That’s right, if you are a tacky white supremacist and worship tacky white supremacists, finally — an outlet for your love is at your grasp! The Trump dating site does not allow LGBTQ onto its platform, has the loudest dog whistle racism you will ever see on a dating site, and according to the AV Club, is filled with Catfishers left and right. Well, here’s a fun story that revealed itself recently — the male model of the website filled with people worshipping a man who supported sex criminal Roy Moore… was convicted for a sex crime against a child.

    William Barrett Riddleberger, seen on the site with his wife, Jodi Riddleberger, was convicted, according to CBS, for filming sex with a 15-year-old girl in 1995 when he was 25. William says that he “paid his debt” for that charge and as of this morning, he was replaced on the Trump dating site with a new model.

    So anyway, I don’t know — Trump DID support Roy Moore, but Trump supporters — even you would agree this is too much, right? So, if you love AK-47’s and supporting sex criminals, and feel like OK Cupid is too close-minded for that — this dating site has your number.

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