Janelle Monae Releases 80’s Throwback and Power Anthem

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  • We here at What’s Trending are big fans of Janelle Monae, and why wouldn’t we be? As far as pop music goes, she’s one of the more complex and brilliant figures with her queer, Metropolis and retro-futuristic energy. In short, every song is in an odd and personal message coated with the influences of a great artist, and this one is no different. The first video — titled “Make Me Feel,” echoes David Bowie and Prince (with whom Janelle Monae created a track with on her third album), and the visuals of the video are incredible. The song is fluid and sexual — promoting Janelle Monae’s continued status as a queer icon and acting as her homage to the queer and sexual music of that era. Also, Thor: Ragnarok‘s Tessa Thompson is in this thing, and I think that’s fun.

  • Janelle Monae’s second video is titled “Django Jane” — and is an anthem dedicated to all the incredible work she’s done in her career — from acting in a Best Picture Academy Award-winning movie to her ArchAndroid Orchestra, to just being a powerful glorious human being. It should be checked out too (and the visuals are incredible). Two Janelle Monae songs in one day? How did we get so lucky?

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