Nude Streaker Runs Onto Olympic Skating Rink

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  • Streakers have a long and storied history of putting their bold, but ultimately weird, bodies on situations of national import. The Oscars streaker in 1974 was one that sort of went down in legend pretty quickly — and now we have another weird naked body to associate with an event watched by all after a streaker ran across the ice — wearing a small monkey covering his junk, a pink tutu, and the words “Peace + Love” scrawled on his stomach.

    You can watch an Instagram video of the event here — it’s a Swedish feed of the man crawling onto the ice before a Speed Skating event, falling on his butt, and then lying there making a scene. Sir, thank you for the sight of your torso and thank you for bringing at long last some elegance, some class, and some inspiration to the event. We’re talking about the fact that he chose to hide his dick. Good choice, sir. Good choice.

    What do you think of this man’s excited nude ice run around? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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