Detective Pikachu Upsets All With His Gruff Manly Voice

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  • Talking Pikachus are always a deeply upsetting thing. Pikachu, that beloved Nintendo mascot and star of video game and anime franchise Pokémon, only says one thing — “Pikachu” in a cute baby like voice. But the Pokémon franchise has been MESSING with what is — for all intents and purposes — kind of a thing that is just not broken. First, we got Pikachu talking to Ash in the Pokémon movie which made a movie theater go absolutely crazy, and, I can’t stress this enough — with VERY good reason — and now we have Detective Pikachu, a video game coming out for the 3DS that showcase Pikachu, not as an adorable Pokebaby you want to hug, but as a disgusting weird raspy voice individual you do NOT want to hug!

    I get it — its Pikachu as Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but why? How? Look, I get it. I’m almost 30. Pokémon is for the kids now, and if the kids, In all their wisdom, say they want a big manly raspy old man Pikachu voice, then who am I to argue with all the children of the world?

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  • Detective Pikachu is also on its way to being a full-length motion picture, with Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds voicing him, so get ready to be annoyed at no less than three different Pikachu voices in the next two years. This is also all following a fan petition to have Danny DeVito voice Pikachu, but I think it should have been Kristen Schaal all along, right? Right?

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