Donald Trump Says He Would Have Run Into School “Even If He Didn’t Have a Weapon”

Donald Trump does not know how guns work I guess...
By Alex Firer
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  • It’s so weird… for the all of the Republican chest-beating about how much they respect the troops, I have never seen one individual disrespect police and the military more than Donald Trump. You see, this man who claims that bone spurs is what caused him to not go into the Vietnam War said that PTSD is for weak people, and seems to be hankering to start a war just because has something to add. And now, we can add his weird lack of understanding of the police (anything to sell a gun, you know). In a move that would make even the most humiliating Russian strongman dictator go, “that’s a little much, don’t you think,” the President of our country, who has nothing but respect for the police, says he would have run into Stoneman Douglas High School and stopped the shooter whether or not he himself had a gun.

    You know… like in one of those action movies that the government apparently takes more seriously than the testimony of human beings.

    The exact quote is: “You don’t know until you test it, but I think, I really believe I would have run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” I’ll say this — I really believe this guy really, really believes he can run in and take down the guy who had an AR-15.

    Trump was also subtly insulting the officer at the scene of the Parkland shooting. The armed guard received scrutiny for not being able to stop the killer and going outside during the shooting. The guard has since revealed he ran outside because he thought the shooting was happening outdoors. In any case, all this reveals is that the “good guy with a gun” narrative is weird and dumb and the president is either a habitual liar or a man who sincerely believes he could take down a man with a machine gun. Both could also be true.

    Trump then discussed expanding mental institutions, saying it should be easier to have people committed, which is a horrifying thing to say, but it was overshadowed by the fact that the president is telling people that he can stop bullets (or whatever).

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