Uber Driver Creates Secret Playlists for Every Type of Passenger

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  • What kind of Uber/Lyft rider are you? Me? I’m sort of the quiet one. I just want to sit there and live in my head for a hot moment. So if I had @TEEJUS___ as my driver he would pop in his — frankly incredible — quiet ppl playlist. You see, as advertised on Twitter, @TEEJUS___ has created a playlist for almost every kind of person who could enter his car and says that he has since been getting incredible compliments on his playlist skills! I mean, just check out his categories.

  • I can’t speak for the other categories, but I can tell you— that “quiet ppl” playlist absolutely did the trick for me! So if you’re a “Heady Bro,” a woman in her early 20’s, a couple, a person of color, or just young and basic, this guy knows you! This guy will give you the perfect Uber soundtrack that your specific type (according to him) desires. But, hey. I am just one quiet man.

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