Instagram Babe Admits She SMUGGLED COCAINE On Cruise Ship

Melina Roberge faces years or even decades in prison after admitting to her part in a drug-smuggling scheme.
By Alex Firer

  • A woman accused of helping smuggle 95 kilograms of cocaine into Australia has pleaded guilty, and could face life in prison.

    Back in 2016, Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace boarded the MS Sea Princess for a round-the-world luxury cruise.

    And they documented their experience aboard the cruise liner via Instagram for more than two months. But the ladies were also keeping a secret. In their luggage they had over 200 pounds of cocaine.

    It’s an odd way to smuggle drugs. Because they were on a round-the-world cruise that lasts months. The cruises on this boat routinely last over 100 days and both Melina and Isabelle paid $20,000 per ticket. The women, and a man in his 60s named Andre Tamine were arrested in August 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

    There was no big stakeout. They were simple caught by some good old-fashioned drug-sniffing dogs. The cocaine in their possession was apparently worth over $30 million, and that’s a record drug bust for Australia. The ones that are suffering from addiction can go to drug and alcohol rehab in riverside to get help and start afresh.

    After the arrest, the Daily Mail got in touch with Melina’s father, who had encouraged his daughter not to go on the cruise. He remembers asking her: “Who is paying $22,000 for your holiday?”

    This case has remained interesting because, even though Isabelle pleaded guilty right away, Melina denied having any knowledge that there was 200 lbs of coke in their cabin. In court in 2016, she sobbed loudly but claimed she had no evidence to present.

    She just recently changed her tune, pleading guilty to the charges and facing a potential life sentence under Australian law. She might get off easy, though, since Isabelle was sentenced to only 7 ½ years in prison after her guilty plea. Melina is going to be sentenced on March 23.

    So, who are these people and how were they connected to an international drug smuggling ring? That part remains unclear.

    Isabelle was previously featured on a porn site called “Flashy Babes”, but Melina was only 22 at the time of her arrest— and despite Newsweek claiming that she was an Instagram star, it’s unclear if Melina’s documentation of the trip on Instagram had gained her any notoriety.

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