Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About WEINSTEIN, STALKERS and KIM KARDASHIAN on Colbert

Is there a more charming talk show figure than Jennifer Lawrence?
By Alex Firer
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  • Who could be a more charming talk show figure than Jennifer Lawrence? The superstar — who recently announced her year-long break from acting — went on Colbert’s Late Show to discuss her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow. But — as with many interviews with Jennifer Lawrence tend to do — it quickly went off the rails, and as soon as Stephen Colbert brought out the rum (apparently always hidden behind his desk) the train was now one of those incredible space trains where you don’t need a rail. What do they call it again? Oh, yeah. A rocket! The liquor flew, and so did the charm in this interview, split into two parts on YouTube.

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  • In the interview, Jennifer Lawrence kicks off her shoes and discusses the difficulties of interviewing Kim Kardashian (she ran out of questions with five minutes to spare), how Harvey Weinstein tried to use her as a defense towards… (I don’t even know what he can prove now), how she had to fend off stalkers over Christmas, and more. Both parts of the interview are incredibly charming. Check them out above.

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