Father Recreates Oscar Movies With Daughter

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  • Well, my friend, Oscar season is in fact, despite our best efforts, upon us. And, as we prepare to crunch all of this year’s best movies into one week so we can be prepared to watch the ceremony, let’s get prepared to see some people get kind of adorable with the Oscars. One father has been posing his daughters in the guise of the Academy Award-nominated movies. You can see them either on his website dontcallmeoscar.com, or his Instagram account, @DontCallMeOscar.

    An, just look at some of the examples. They are so cute! A baby doing “Lady Bird”? What a sassy baby! A baby doing “Shape of Water”? Haha, okay! A baby doing “Get Out”? Wait, is that problematic? This is a white baby, but anyway… it’s also cute, so we’ll just keep going. Baby doesn’t know any better. Wait, a baby in “The Post”? Oh hell yeah, now we’re talking! This is the kind of cute as hell movie these babies were meant to parody. Check out some of our favorites below!

  • The Shape of Water

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.40.51 pm

    Source: dontcallmeoscar.com

  • Lady Bird

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.35.34 pm

    Source: www.instagram.com

  • Get Out

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.40.58 pm

    Source: dontcallmeoscar.com

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.41.26 pm

    Source: dontcallmeoscar.com

  • Dunkirk

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.34.54 pm

    Source: www.instagram.com

  • Call Me By Your Name

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.35.20 pm

    Source: www.instagram.com

  • Darkest Hour

    Screen shot 2018 02 27 at 2.35.05 pm

    Source: www.instagram.com

  • What’s your favorite Oscar recreation? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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