Man Livestreams His Own MURDER on Facebook

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  • A man was shot and killed in Wingate, North Carolina, while streaming live on Facebook.

    Prentis Robinson would frequently stream on Facebook to his friends and family. On this particular occasion, he was walking back from the police station after making a complaint that a phone of his had been stolen. Then a man approaches and kills him in cold blood.

    There was a manhunt for the suspect the entire day. It even caused brief panic at nearby Wingate University. By the end of the day, suspect Douglas Colson had turned himself into police.

    As a possible motive, reporters are noting how Robinson had been known to “out” local drug dealers during his livestreams. Reporter David Sentendray tweeted that he spoke to the Wingate Police Chief, who confirmed that Robinson had been outing suspected drug dealers. He said, “he always suspected the man would’ve been beat up over it but never shot.”

    Prentis Robinson was 55 years old and the suspected killer, Douglas Colson, is 65. Prentis Robinson’s Facebook page has been made into a memorial. Though the shooting video has been deleted, the rest of his live videos remain available on Facebook.

    Deep South Records, which promoted Robinson’s music, shared this video of him performing in remembrance.

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