Screen Junkies Covers All of the Oscar Nominated Movies

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  • Look, of course Screen Junkies is going to have to do a trailer for the Academy Award-nominated movies, but a trailer for all of them at once? That’s the Screen Junkies way, friend. That’s the Screen Junkies way! So, now we get a trailer that not only covers ‘Get Out,’ not only covers ‘Darkest Hour,’ not only covers ‘Lady Bird,’ not only covers ‘The Post,’ not only covers ‘Dunkirk,’ not only covers ‘Phantom Thread,’ not only covers ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebeling Missouri,’ not only covers ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ — but also covers ‘The Shape of Water.’ Wow. Talk about a bang for your buck!

    Each movie roasted, each obvious joke said with a sad little sigh, and each very good joke said with joy! Why not check it out above? Watch your favorite Oscar films be roasted — and the nerd sector roasted! What’s that? ‘Logan’ is the best movie of the year? That means you’ve only seen comic book movies this year! Oh, excitement!

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