What is the New Social Media App, Vero?

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  • Ah, nothing quite like an app that’s just like Instagram, but you have to pay for it… and it doesn’t even work for a lot of the users.

    It’s the new smash hit app called Vero.

    Vero has over 500,000 downloads in the Google Play app store, and it’s supposedly “surging ahead” in the iOS app store. Whatever that means. So, this app is kind of like if you mushed Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all into one app, and I have to admit, the design is SHARP.

    So, what sets this app apart from Insta-Snap-Book (besides being all 3 of those apps)? Well, it doesn’t have any advertisements, which allows the app to be free of algorithms.

    Algorithms are typically what screw everyone over. For example, Instagram isn’t in chronological order — but Vero is. Technically, the most “important” photos in your Instagram feed come first, and by more important, it’s usually people that are more popular or have ads in their posts, etc.

    Vero is free of those, so every post is posted when it was actually posted in the feed. Does that make sense? But because of this ad-free platform, it’s gonna cost people monthly to use the app.

    Would you prefer ads or paying monthly to see no ads? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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