Chadwick Boseman Surprises Fans Who Talk About What Black Panther Means to Them

I could watch this for hours.
By Alex Firer
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  • The set up is simple — and the result is human, kind and beautiful. Black Panther is more than a Marvel superhero movie — it’s a cultural touchstone for black culture, and for films created by black people for a mass market. So, the set up is this — The Tonight Show brings in people to tell a poster of Chadwick Boseman exactly how they feel about the movie. The twist? Boseman himself is waiting behind the curtain!

    As people come and beautifully and sincerely spill their guts, Chadwick Boseman never fails to come out and make the person watching him absolutely freak out. I mean, wouldn’t you? The king of Wakanda is addressing you! All of these are gorgeous and touching in their own wonderful way. Hail T’Challa! Hail Black Panther! And, just a warning to any Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show goofers — if I’m talking to one of my John Waters “Female Trouble” posters and freaking Divine comes out, I will too go crazy.

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