Weinstein Golden ‘Casting Couch’ Statue Put on Hollywood Blvd. Ahead of Oscars

The statue is meant to begin a discussion about the culture of silence that Hollywood (for so long) put on victims of abuse.
By Alex Firer
  • From Plastic Jesus, the same artist who brought the world the naked Trump statues, comes this next piece of commentary disguised as incredibly blunt street art. Plastic Jesus’ latest addition to the national discussion in statue form? A golden statue of Harvey Weinstein sitting on a couch, in an open robe with the words “Casting Couch” written underneath.

    The statue — co-designed by Joshua “Ginger” Monroe — is laid out right on Hollywood Boulevard and its commentary is deafening. The silence that Hollywood has demanded from those who have experienced sexual abuse at the pretense of an ever flimsy career is monstrous. So many people have participated in this kind of behavior in the interest of protecting those already in power rather than helping those marginalized by the monstrosity of those in power. As Hollywood celebrates its own, its a reminder of just how much had to happen for the Time’s Up movement to occur.

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