Weird Al Yankovic Releases Polka Mix of “Hamilton”

Finally, am I right?
By Alex Firer
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  • What is this surreal era we’re living in where it’s 2018 and Weird Al Yankovic’s career isn’t just still going on, but thriving? The latest victory for the parody artist? With Lin Manuel-Miranda, Weird Al has released “The Hamilton Polka.” Yet another entry into his popular polka anthologies that he’s been releasing with every album. While the normal Weird Al polka compilation features the popular songs of the day remixed in Weird Al’s ever-charming style, this one is a mash-up of the songs from Lin Manuel Miranda’s nerd beloved musical. Listen to the thing above. Maybe you’ll like it as much as I will! Then again, maybe you won’t because that would be a hard thing to accomplish. And, maybe you won’t like it at all, which is just foolishness of the highest order! In any case…

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