VIDEO: Man Wrestles Bears, Doesn’t Get Eaten

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  • Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man is the harrowing tale of an individual who thought he could befriend the forces of nature until ultimately discovering that such an act is foolhardy. Although Timothy Treadwell turned his back on society to live with the bears, ultimately, the bears turned around and eventually slaughtered Treadwell. Herzog’s documentary serves as a warning that nature is ultimately a force humanity can never tame. Anyway, here’s a dope video I found online of some dude wrestling a bunch of bears.

    Gaze as this absolute goon wrestles with the bears, plays hide and seek with the bears, and puts his body inside the claws of the bears, but also — this is pretty cool, I think — doesn’t get turned into bloody ribbons? The entire thing is meant to promote the organization Orphaned Wilfdlife, which I think is great, and is also not supposed to encourage us to wrestle a bear.

    What do you think of this video? Would you be brave enough to wrestle a bear? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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