VIDEO: Someone STOLE Frances McDormand’s Oscar Last Night

Boing Boing dug up footage of the Oscar thief trying to sneak into parties by showing off the award.
By Alex Firer
  • Look, we’ve written quite a bit about Frances McDormand’s historic night at the Academy Awards last night, but there’s one thing we missed. When Frances McDormand put down her Academy Award and encouraged all of the women nominated in the audience to stand up and show their power, she apparently made one fatal error — she put down her Academy Award! True, her Academy Award wasn’t stolen on stage, but it was stolen at the Governors Ball after the ceremony.

    McDormand was reportedly spotted crying after being unable to find the award and left the party early. However, the thief was caught (by Wolfgang Puck’s photographer no less), and the Academy Award has since been returned to its rightful owner. While Frances McDormand has told the police to just let him go, the man was arrested with grand theft larceny. Boy oh boy. Quite an eventful night for Frances McDormand! First, you raise all women, then some weirdo steals your Oscar. Quite an evening indeed.

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