The Lonely Island Reveals Unused Song for the Oscars

Pennywise, Wonder Woman and Thor would all sing in harmony in this deleted song from Andy Samberg and team!
By Alex Firer
  • When it comes time to show a strange and ambitious song that’s both funny AND a mainstream hit that grabs in all the celebrities and shows them in a light that is most droll, to say the least, there’s no one you could have better in your corner than The Lonely Island. They, after all, did get Natalie Portman to rap not just once — but twice! It’s no wonder then why there were asked to create a song for this year’s Oscars. But, according to the opening description of the video, the entire thing was considered impossible — so The Lonely Island uploaded their incredible storyboard for the whole thing, and it is excellent.

    The video takes in the age old question — why don’t blockbusters get nominated for Oscars as much as they maybe should? Thor and Wonder Woman begin the song with a sad duet about how hard their jobs were compared to say — Daniel Day Lewis and the likes of Lady Bird compared to saving Asgard. Pennywise even sings about how he kidnapped WAY more kids than the guy from All the Money in the World. Tiffany Haddish also sings about how she peed while flying down a zip line, something Meryl Streep has NEVER done.

    Then they make fun of The Snowman. It was great.

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