PHOTOS: Keegan-Michael Key Beyond Thrilled for Jordan Peele

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  • When you have one of the biggest moments of your life — as Jordan Peele had one of the biggest of his career last night when he won the Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for ‘Get Out’ — you would hope that your friends have your back and that they’re as excited for you as a friend could be. This was the sight fans witnessed after they saw photos of Keegan-Michael Key welling up with absolute joy as he watched his friend and longtime comedy partner, Jordan Peele. The Internet has fallen in love with photos of Keegan-Michael Key being absolutely overjoyed and so will you — check some of them out below.

  • Man, I wish I had a friend like this! Someone to cheer in such absolute delight when I write a What’s Trending entry that’s that great. Cheer for me, my friends, cheer for me!

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