The Boobs Email Sent to Every Lawyer in Utah

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  • The Utah State Bar sent their entire mailing list an invite to their 2018 Spring Convention — along with a photo of a topless woman.

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  • The story was reported late Monday by the Logan Utah News, and despite the State Bar’s efforts to quickly apologize and move on, too many Utah lawyers think it’s hilarious.

    Chase Thomas tweeted —

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  • As for the Utah State Bar, they’re either not sure or not saying how this mistake happened. They tweeted —

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  • John Baldwin, Executive Director of the State Bar, said: “We are horrified. We are investigating to discover how this occurred. Our goal is to find out what happened and ensure it never happens again.”

    They told reporters that they weren’t sure whether the email list was hacked or if an internal employee sent the image — either intentionally or accidentally. At any rate, we have to agree with Shane Farro who tweeted —

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  • So, should the Utah lawyers have a good sense of humor about this, or should someone get fired for the mistake? Let us know in the comments.

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