Jimmy Kimmel Releases New Mean Tweets with Zendaya, Common, P!nk, and More

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  • Whenever Kimmel releases a new slew of Mean Tweets (tweets of a variety most cruel, one could say), it’s always a cause for the Internet to gather around their computers, joy in their hearts, and see what’s the latest take away from a bunch of very famous musicians reading “mean” tweets about themselves. Some laugh, some scowl, some awkwardly try to top it with their own joke, but you guys think you can beat the cruel voices of Twitter? Guys. It’s just a little unlikely, am I right?

    So what do we have here? We have someone calling Common the Pottery Barn of rap, we have someone who says that P!nk is the music of obnoxious drunk bridal parties that go into a Denny’s in the middle of the night, and Alice Cooper is told he looks like a ballsack with facepaint on it. P!nk and Alice Cooper love it, Blink 182 laughs at being compared to herpes, and TLC fights with someone who called their song “Waterfalls” the worst song about waterfalls! There’s a lot to enjoy.

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