Mark Hamill Tells 7 Year Old Girl What to Do About Bullies

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  • We know Mark Hamill is truly adept at portraying the honorable Jedi — he’s been doing it for around forty years at this point, after all — but a recent interaction with a fan showed that he can also showcase his incredible Jedi teachings… in real life? It’s true! This all started when Mark Hamill found a tweet from a seven-year-old girl who was worried about wearing her Star Wars shirt to school because she would be teased for liking “boys stuff.”

  • The tweet — which tugged at the heart strings of so many, and reminded them of their own struggles with the stupid and arbitrary gender divide on toys — eventually got the perfect response from Mark Hamill who gave the young girl a move to shut up all of the haters in her life.

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  • Ah! The old dust off the shoulder bit. Perfect for mocking Kylo Ren after he fired a slew of missiles at you leaving you completely unharmed, and perfect for mocking haters who dare to tell you that Star Wars is a boy thing!

    Star Wars is an everyone thing. if people want to divide all these fun franchises by gender, they’re only hurting themselves by denying themselves all this very great entertainment. Those weird creeps!

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