What’s Trending and Comcast Team Up for SXSW 2018

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  • What’s Trending is teaming up with Comcast again to bring you incredible interviews with creative forces and thought leaders from the Social Media Lounge at the convention center in Austin, Texas. Our schedule this year includes conversations between Shira Lazar and luminaries in comedy, film, the tech industry, and so much more. You can catch up on our coverage from last year here.

    Here are the conversations which will be available from What’s Trending, and can be watched live on Comcast’s Facebook page here or XFinity’s page here. If you’re in at SXSW you can RSVP and attend in person too!


    12:30PM CT/ 1:30PM EST: “Overcoming Bullying” — Aija Mayrock (Writer, Actor, Activist) & Lizzie Velasquez (Author, Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur) — Writers and activists Ajia Mayrock and Lizzie Velasquez discuss how they overcame being bullied and what we can do to end bullying.

    1:00PM CT/ 2:00PM EST: Clifton Collins Jr — A discussion with Star Trek actor, Clifton Collins Jr.

    2:00PM CT/ 3:00PM EST: Ryan Holiday (Media Strategist) — The former marketing director for American Apparel discusses media strategy and branding.


    11:00AM CT/ 12:00PM EST: “Ali & Cavett: The Tale of Tapes” — Robert S. Bader, Dick Cavett (Television Personality) — Filmmaker Robert S. Bader and Dick Cavett discuss the documentary “Ali & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes,” which follows Muhammad Ali’s life through the lens of his appearances on the Dick Cavett Show.

    11:30AM CT/12:30PM EST: “The New Romantic” — Jessica Barden, Hayley Law, Brett Dier (Actors), Carly Stone (Director) — The cast members of the new film “The New Romantics” discuss their work.

    12:30PM CT/ 1:30PM EST: “Weed The People” — Ricki Lake (Actor), Abby Epstein (Director) — The cast and director of “Weed the People” discuss their work.

    1:30PM CT/ 2:30 PM EST: “Andre Agassi: Square Panda”— Andre Agassi (Tennis Legend), Andy Butler (Square Panda) — Tennis legend Andre Agassi discusses his commitment to childhood education and his investment in Square Panda.

    3:15PM CT/ 4:15 PM EST: “The Unicorn” — Lauren Lapkus, Lucy Hale, Nick Rutherford, Beck Bennett, Drie Hemingway, Kyle Mooney

    4:40PM CT/ 5:40PM EST: “Alita: Battle Angel” — Rosa Salazar, Keean Johnson (Actors), Robert Rodriguez (Director) — The cast and crew of “Alita: Battle Angel” discuss their new film.

    5:10PM CT/ 6:10PM EST: “First Light” — Stefanie Scott (actress) — Stefanie Scott discusses her upcoming film, “First Light.”


    12:40PM CT/1:40PM EST: “Prospect” (movie) — Jay Duplass, Sophie Thatcher (Actors), Zeek Earl, Chris Caldwell (Filmmakers) — Cast and crew discuss their new movie “Prospect.”

    1:00PM CT/ 2:00PM EST: “Summer 03” (movie) — Andrea Savage, Paul Scheer, Joey King — The cast of the upcoming film “Summer 03,” discuss their film.

    2:00PM CT/ 3:00PM EST: “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” — Olivia Holt, Aubrey Joseph (Actors), Joe Pokaski (Showrunner) — The cast and showrunner of Marvel’s upcoming series “Cloak and Dagger” discuss their show.

    3:00PM CT/ 4:00PM EST: “You Can Choose Your Family” — Jim Gaffigan, Logan Miller, Samantha Mathis — The cast of “You Can Choose Your Family” discuss their new film.

    4:00PM CT/ 5:00PM EST: “Upgrade” — with Leigh Whannell (Director), Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel (Cast) — The cast and crew of “Upgrade” discusses their new film.


    12:00PM CT/ 1:00PM EST: “6 Balloons” — Dave Franco, Abbi Jacobson, Marja-Lewis Ryan (Director) — The cast and crew of “6 Balloons” discuss their new film.

    2:00PM CT/ 3:00PM EST: “Blindspotting” — Carlos Lopez Estrada (Director), David Diggs, Rafael Casal (Actors) — A discussion with the actors and director of the film “Blindspotting.”

    4:00PM CT/ 5:00PM EST: “Burnie Burns” — Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman — A discussion concerning Blood Fest film and Rooster Teeth projects.

    4:30PM CT/ 5:30 PM EST: “The Dawn Wall” — Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson (Professional Rock Climbers) — Professional rock climbers discuss their participation in the documentary “The Dawn Wall” about extreme climbing athletes.

    5:00PM CT/ 6:00PM EST: “Andrew Zimmern” — Andrew Zimmern (Chef, Food Writer, Television Personality) — A discussion of the intersection of culture and food.


    11:00AM CT/ 12:00PM EST: “This Is Us” — Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley — The cast of “This Is Us” discuss their NBC hit program.

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