SXSW: Ryan Holiday Discusses Peter Thiel, Gawker and How to Have a Vast Output

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  • Ryan Holiday is an author who has written seven books in seven years — what? How is that possible? Shira Lazar digs into it with Ryan Holiday and discusses his new book “Conspiracy” — covering Peter Thiel’s destruction of Gawker after Gawker outed him as gay on their website. Ryan marvels over the weirdness and elaborate nature of Peter Thiel — how he used Hulk Hogan, who thought he was doing this as a blow for Internet privacy, and wonders if Gawker’s philosophy of “if it’s true, we can publish it” is even the world we want to live in. For example — Ryan points out — should we have the right to publish celebrities’ medical records? Much to think about!

    Then Ryan talks about advice for productivity, and his advice is a simple one — just write every day! Write every day, and then slowly you can become as prolific as Ryan Holiday is. Watch the video above and give us your thoughts!

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