SXSW: Joey King and Paul Scheer Give Hilarious Interview

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  • Where were you in the Summer of 03? Were you slowly binging Friends on a one season DVD box set? Were you layering scrunchies on tank tops? Or — if you were anything like the characters in Becca Gleason’s new film — co-starring Paul Scheer and Joey King — Summer 03 — you were wrapped up in an odd surreal plot about a grandmother completely changing the lives of her families through the revelations she provides. Joey King and Paul Scheer joined Shira Lazar at SXSW, as the duo discussed their upcoming movie… sort of.

    Scheer and King, as can be seen above, were insane and uncontrollable balls of comedic energy. Sure, they described the plot of their movie well, but beyond that, it was riff city, friend! The only city to be in. Scheer jokes about the CGI raptors who are going to be in the small indie movie (there aren’t), how he plays the grandmother (he does not, he plays the father), and Shira points out how mind-blowing it is to see Paul Scheer (who she knew way back when) in a father role. Joey talks about how this movie is the most important one she’s been involved with, and the duo riff and riff and riff. It’s wonderful. A mere write up cannot do the interview justice. Check it out above!

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