SXSW: Jim Gaffigan, Logan Miller, Samantha Mathis, and Miranda Bailey Explore Dark Subjects With “You Can Choose Your Family”

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  • Jim Gaffigan may be one of the most easily affable comedians in America — so much so that his upcoming film, “You Can Choose Your Family,” is a surprising new role for the performer. The film tells the story about a son — played by Logan Miller — who discovers his father has a secret family with another woman — played by Samantha Miller. Jim Gaffigan plays the father in a movie that explores how each of us has secrets, and here to discuss it with Shira Lazar are the stars of the film and director Miranda Bailey.

    Jim Gaffigan is very funny, as usual, as he explores the themes of the film with star Logan Miller — who was born in the year the movie takes place — 1992! Logan Miller discusses how he has to do research for the era. As for the era the film is set in — Miranda moved the story to 1992 from the original modern era where the film was set since that was the year her own parents split up. Plus, as many point out — modern technology would change the plot quite a bit as it would make it easier for Jim Gaffigan’s character to be discovered.

    Shira also asks Jim Gaffigan how he deals with the new, more sensitive era of comedy. Jim Gaffigan believes that people censor themselves personally all the time, and believes that political correctness shouldn’t hinder the comedian at all and instead cause them to grow. Watch the video above for more.

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