Woman Sings Ode to Being Alone on the Subway, Finds Out She’s Not Alone

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  • There are some things we do when we think we’re completely alone that we would never do in front of an audience, other people, or even in front of our pets. Which, is saying something. Those guys have seen a lot. One of those things is singing, and the universal love of being ridiculous while alone is just part of why this video of someone singing on the subway when they think they’re alone is so refreshing. The other reason? Look, this guy’s friend Stevie is just funny. The woman in the video sings about the joy of being alone, of putting her butt in the seat because it’s just her, mugging joyfully to the camera until realizing — the shock of shocks — she’s not as alone as she originally thought! There’s someone there. Oh, the shame. Oh, the horror! Oh what shall say the naysayers?

    Man, what fun. But what do you think though? Have you ever done anything embarrassing when you thought you were alone? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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