Man Replaces Prosthetic Arm With Nerf Gun

Maker group Hackerloop created a prosthetic Nerf gun for their friend using 3D printing software and some developing and simple technology.
By Alex Firer
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  • The image of the deathless avenger with a gun for a hand or a lost limb is a classic one — from Rose McGowan’s bad ass machine gun leg in Robert Rodriguez’s “Planer Terror”, to Samus Aran of the popular Metroid video game series. But did you know it could be done in real life too? Or even better, with a Nerf gun for pure Nerf gun fun having techniques? That is what the maker collective Hackerloop did for their friend Nicolas Huchet — replacing his prosthetic arm with a Nerf gun, fired using muscles in Nicolas’ arm with electromyographic technology.

    As Valentin Squirelo of Hackerloop wrote on Medium —

    It all started with jokes about the fact that it was too easy for us to win over him in a nerf battle, as he’s missing his right hand…You could think it’s not the first problem to solve for people with disabilities, but in fact being able to have fun with your friends with these wonderful toys is also a real game changer.

    For now, however, we welcome our new Nerf Gun for Arm wielding Supercops.

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