Kenan Thompson Plays Black Panther’s Idiot Uncle in Excellent SNL Sketch

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  • We can put our trust into three elements whose excellence has staying power — the silent, artful power of Marvel’s Black Panther movie, the dramatic excellence of Sterling K. Brown and, most importantly, the ability of SNL’s now eleven year long tenured cast member, Kenan Thompson to portray a big old idiot with a smile plastered on his face as people around him react in disgust. On their own, each of those elements is unbeatable, but together? My friend, you have a classic Saturday Night Live sketch.

    In an episode hosted by This is Us star Sterling K. Brown, we see the now classic scene where T’Challah, aka the Black Panther, sees his ancestor when undergoing the ritual that gives him his powers. He sees noble Wakandians of pride and stature, and then, of course, he sees Kenan, playing another weird goofy idiot — much in the style of his lovable Weekend Update staple “Willie.” The sketch ends with Kenan chewing on a frozen burger as the elders beg T’Challah — played by Chris Redd — not to leave because when he leaves, Kenan will turn into a warthog somehow becoming even more obnoxious.

    It’s a very fun sketch. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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