Japanese YouTubers Arrested For “Free Boobs” Stunt

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  • Japanese YouTubers may be in hot water after a stunt that authorities deem is “disturbing the peace.” Let’s start with the YouTube channel “Samurai Baby.” They went on a busy Tokyo street holding signs that said “Free Oppai” and “Free Chinchin.” Those translate to “Free Boobs” and “Free Weenie.”

    Basically, anyone who wanted could come up to them and touch their breasts or penis.

    The video was a collaboration with Chan Nana, a go-go dancer with her own YouTube channel. The video has more boob-touchers than penis-touchers, but some volunteers REALLY went for the D.

    Arrests were made for a similar incident in the same area a few weeks back. We’re trying to piece together the accurate details through Japanese articles translated through Google, so here’s what we know.

    A 16-year-old girl was charged with disturbing the peace for a similar incident in Tokyo in January. According to reports, over 20 different people touched her breasts in a 10-minute period. Two men aged 18 and 23 were also arrested for filming the incident for their YouTube channel. Those videos have not been uploaded, though they explained it was in an effort to gain subscribers and boost ad revenue.

    Here’s a tip, guys. Videos about boobs? Those get demonetized pretty quickly, so don’t film and/or post them. Thanks!

    In the police report, it says they shouted “these are all-you-can-touch boobs,” to passersby. Yeah, just offering a good deal on boob-touching isn’t enough these days. But all-you-can-touch? That’s a buffet of boobs you just can’t refuse.

    It doesn’t appear as if Samurai Baby or Chan Nana have been in any trouble for their videos in the past. They’ve done multiple videos of this nature, and there’s no mention of any run-ins with the law on social media.

    What do you guys think? Should people be arrested for doing this “Free Boobs” stunt in public? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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