Professor Stephen Hawking, Author of “A Brief History of Time,” Dies at 76

The renowned physicist died in his Cambridge home earlier today.
By Alex Firer
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  • One of the defining scientific thinkers of the 20th Century, Dr. Stephen Hawking, has passed away in his home in Cambridge at the age of 76. He was known for his many contributions to science — specifically, the concept of Hawking Radiation (the concept of black holes leaking energy before fading away to nothingness) and the Theory of Everything, saying that the universe evolves in accordance to well-defined laws. His book, “A Brief History of Time” was released in 1988, and brought the concept of quantum physics to the widest possible audience.

    Stephen Hawking was known as well for his legendary perseverance. At 21 years old he was given a motor neuron disease (ALS) and was given only two years to live. Stephen Hawking ended up living, but losing his mobility, and persevered. His contributions to science continued and he advocated for continued space exploration and insisted that there was life outside of our own planet. He will be remembered as a man who brought beautiful and complex ideas to the world and made them comprehensible to a vast swath of people who were curious about it. His impact on science and simply the way we see the foundations of the universe could not be overstated.

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