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  • When you’re a young man out there in the cold cruel world, you never forget your first time experimenting with the forces of gravity. Yes, it might be foolhardy to some adults who witness such an act, but as a young man, you know that there is no force more powerful than that of mighty gravity and you know that you have no choice but to defeat it. At least that’s the cosmic reasoning I assigned to these goofy teens who are amazed at how anything they balance on their finger can just stay up in the air if their car is going through the highway quickly enough.

    Ah, to be young again! To feel the ever glorious presence of youth. Youth, and the various objects they balance. Sure it starts small — as all youthful acts of rebellion do — with just balancing a quarter on the tip of your finger — but then it escalates to a sandal and then all the way up to a hamburger. Which actually totally falls apart. So naturally, they do it with their big expensive iPhone and — wait, iPhone? Teens! What are you doing?

    The iPhone almost breaks, and you know what he does? Why that teen goes in there and freaking do it again. Teens!

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