Jake Paul Jumps Into Gun Debate

Is Jake Paul being sincere?
By Alejandra Moedano

  • Jake Paul visited Parkland, Florida to speak with those affected by the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Are we seeing an older, wiser Jake Paul, or is this another PR move?

    Controversial YouTube star Jake Paul has been accused of everything from being a bad influence on his young audience, to straight up bullying, but his recent video on school shootings may change public perception.

    Yes, this is the same Jake Paul that two weeks ago was trying to fight another YouTuber in a park.

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  • In addition to speaking with students and families of Parkland, Florida, Jake also conducted an interview via Skype with Marco Rubio. You may remember Marco Rubio from this town hall meeting with several Stoneman Douglas students.

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  • The Florida senator, apparently eager to redeem himself after his thrashing by children, sat via Skype for several uncomfortable minutes while answering Jake’s questions about the lawmaking process. Check it out below.

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  • Jake Paul ended the video by pledging to donate $25,000 for the March for our Lives — the event organized by students which takes place on March 24th. Jake also posted his recommended changes in gun reform on his Twitter, posting —

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  • He also stated that social media companies need to take more of a stand on posts with guns in them. Many on Twitter, however, pointed out that Jake himself has posed with guns online.

    Personally, I do commend Jake for trying to use his platform for good, but I am extra wary. The Paul brothers have been in damage control mode since Logan Paul’s trip to Japan and subsequent dead rat tazing. Jake was also no stranger to controversy this year. Given these recent events, it’s not surprising that some folks are cynical.

    What do you guys think? Is Jake being sincere? Is this for PR? Should Jake even be getting involved? Let us know in the comments.

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