Jeff Goldblum Replies to Thirsty Jeff Goldblum Tweets

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  • Folks, the Internet cannot contain its thirst. For who you ask? Quite a few people. Michael B. Jordan, me (after they read my writing on this blog), and, of course, the emperor of smooth Jurassic Park laden charm, Jeff Goldblum. Now in his “silver fox” years, Goldblum is enjoying the fruits of his labor. First, he took a gander at a bunch of tattoos of his glorious self, now he’s taking a little read through “Thirst Tweets.”

    Jeff Goldblum goes through tweets of people wanting him to “mess up their guts,” and for him to quietly and gently discuss DNA technology to them. Goldblum, a man who I do not think is a virgin (personal theory), laughs at all these with his usual Goldblummian charm instead of melting away at all the compliments like I honestly would have. Hey. That’s why he’s the star here!

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