Drake joined Ninja, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott for the most watched single Twitch stream of all time.

  • Twitch set a record for most viewers at one time and they have a guy named Aubrey Graham to thank for it.

    For you Normies, Fortnite is an open-world survival shooter game where the goal is to be the last character standing. Drake played against Travis “Ninja” Blevins and a host of other celebrities in what would become the most popular single Twitch stream of all time.

    Drake tweeted out that he was playing with Ninja around 10pm on Wednesday night, which immediately gave them a few hundred thousand clicks. The previous record for Twitch was 338,000 concurrent viewers and the Drake stream blew it out of the water with 630,000. Important to note that this is a record just for a single stream. The all time record for most viewers on all of Twitch at one time was 1.1 million, and that came during a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

    This does, however, potentially push Fortnite and gamer subculture more into the mainstream. Or, relatively mainstream. I mean, think about what it would be like reading this tweet from @ZwebackHD to your grandmother. — “If ur just waking up let me summarize what happened while u were sleeping: Ninja & Drake (the rapper) exchanged DMs & linked up on fortnite. Kimdotcom joined and it was a little weird but they kept playing. Travis Scott joined and when he died Drake revived him and said God’s Plan.”

    Drake played under the handle TheBoyDuddus, while Travis Scott was cactusjackk_92 and Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster played as FaZeJuJu_19.

    The next day, Ninja took to Twitter to react to how insanely huge this all got. He wrote: “Have not tweeted really since the hype last night. I am insanely blessed and humbled from all the hype and kindness I have seen all over my timeline. Thank you guys for the support. I am going to continue to pump out awesome streams and content.”

    This really should be a big boost to Twitch and Fortnite in general. I mean, who wouldn’t want to brag online that they got killed by Drake?

    What do you guys think? Is Fortnite going mainstream or are all the normies killing your vibes? Let us know in the comments below.

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