Even while falling asleep when Wes Anderson talks, Bill Murray is a big weird star.
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  • Folks, at this point Bill Murray is an enigma. Will he randomly show up to this bachelor party? Will he talk about golf for hours instead of doing comedy? Will he randomly give a Cubs fan a World Series ticket, making his very dreams come true? Or, will he fall asleep in the middle of the SXSW panel for his friend, and greatest collaborator, Wes Anderson’s panel for “Isle of Dogs”? I mean — he did just do the latter! Yes, Bill Murray can even make falling asleep while his friend discusses his ambitious animated movie (coming out March 23rd) seem like the exciting act of a ne’er do well eccentric, rather than just rude bullshit (which is what it would be if I did it, of course).

    Yes. Sleep Mr. Murray, sleep. And, dream. Dream of an Island of Dogs. Dream of an Island of Dogs directed by Wes Anderson. Dream of an Island of Dogs directed by Wes Anderson, coming to theaters March 23rd.


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