John Oliver’s Bunny Book Outsells Mike Pence’s Bunny Book

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  • This Sunday on ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver discussed Mike Pence, a man whose attributes his sadistic, homophobic beliefs to Christianity (which is a bad card to use for your sadistic, homophobic beliefs).

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  • John Oliver did promise to say at least one nice thing about Mike Pence, and he did — he likes his bunny. Mike Pence’s bunny Marlon Bundo (named after the pansexual actor, Marlon Brando) who just so happens to be getting a book of his own in the near future. John Oliver, however, brilliantly beat him to the punch by producing a Marlon Bundo book of his own — one about two gay rabbits who fall in love and try to be together, despite the homophobic efforts of a little bug, obviously based on Mike Pence.

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  • All funds from the book go to The Trevor Project and AIDS United to help at-risk gay youths and those who want to ends the AIDS epidemic. In a wonderful windfall — as Oliver discovered on Ellen — his book was both first and second in the Amazon Children’s book rankings — beating out Mike Pence’s probably awful rabbit book. Congratulations John Oliver, for doing the right thing in a hilarious and heartwarming way.

    You can donate to The Trevor Project and AIDS United by clicking on their names, and you can purchase John Oliver’s book — “A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo” — by clicking on the title. The book, however, has JUST went out of print so it might be a hot minute.

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