Queer Eye... for the funny guy? Now, hold on just a minute...
  • Hey, you. Yeah, you! Are you watching Netflix’s new version of Queer Eye? Well, you absolutely should! The show, which like its aughts predecessor, involves five gay men making over a straight guy, goes deeper than ever in this one as the makeover is not just for clothing, but for life. And who needs a life makeover more than Pete Davidson — the SNL star who traded his boyish persona for a more hapless vibe. Tan, Queer Eye’s fashion guru, visited Pete Davidson and took him to Sak’s Fifth Avenue to help him dress a little better.

    Pete Davidson was thrilled to find out from Tan that his clothes look like absolute trash, and was delighted to find a look that works for him. He and Tan bonded over how jeans sometimes divide the balls, and the brilliant Heidi Gardner stopped by to help Pete make himself over from a Long Island goon to a goon of a much higher class. If you’re a fan of Queer Eye, SNL, comedy, good clothes, or just being alive, you will find something to love in the clip.

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