VIDEO: Hypeman Cat Meows “Yeah” to Cat Food

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  • Yo, yo, yo. This is DJ Blogger here. Here to show you the hottest videos from all over the Internet. Earlier we presented you with a new talent on the scene, you know him, you love him, I’m talking of course about Breakdancing Teacher who Breakdanced for Pie. Now, we have a new talent coming up. They will remind you of your own pet and how much you love them, and they will want their cat food! They are… a video of a cat yelling “yeah” for its food.

    Folks, not since Dog Who Screams When His Butt Gets Grabbed did we have an animal making a relatable noise bringing us so much joy with one goofy sound. When you teach your cat to be an overly exciting good eating boy, then you sir or madame, have done something blessed and good.

    What do you think of this overly excited and extremely cute cat? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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