Apple Proposes Disability Inclusion Emojis

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  • As the world learns more and more about the importance of inclusion, our every day objects will follow likewise. Apple emojis are a clear example of this. What began as a series of caucasian and heteronormative emojis from Apple soon evolved. You can choose the race on most of the human emojis, and the couple emojis have expanded to several same sex relationships you can choose to show that you had a great date with of a member of any gender. This emoji inclusivity continues onward, as Apple unveiled a series of emojis meant to represent the disabled.

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  • The new emojis presented include a man and a woman in a wheelchair, prosthetic limbs, seeing eye dogs, examples of people using sign language (ASL), and possibly, a blind woman walking with a cane. The emojis are incredibly welcome for furthering the conversation and inclusion of those with disabilities, and further expanding the emoji language that has brought current day smart phones so much affection. Wonderful.

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