VIDEO: Watch Carrie Fisher Slap Oscar Isaac 41 Times

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  • Carrie Fisher’s incredible personality has always been the stuff of legend, and it’s a legend that’s only blown up further since she passed away in December 2016. Even after her passing, her presence continues to surprise us, as it has in this clip being passed around online showing the legendary actress slapping actor Oscar Isaac 41 times, in the context of the scene. It’s a scene where following a foolish maneuver, General Leia demotes Oscar Isaac’s Admiral Poe with one slap. But you know, on a movie THIS big, you’ve got to get it right!

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  • According to Rian Johnson on Twitter, this was the first thing they shot with Oscar Isaac, and the legendary science fiction and Breaking Bad director says he is shocked that Isaac continues to talk to him to this day. I’m not! This was a slap in service of an excellent movie! Bless thee merry gentlemen, bless thee!

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