Sean Penn’s Poem About the “Me Too” Movement Is the Worst Thing You Will Ever Read

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  • When I hear the name “Sean Penn,” three things spring to mind. The first is his performance in Mystic River which unjustly beat Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the Academy Awards in 2002, showing that Sean Penn’s goony face temporarily beat out the fact that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh turned New Zealand into another universe and restarted the career of openly gay super thespian, Ian McKellen. Then there’s the often overlooked fact that Sean Penn may be an abusive man. In 1987, he allegedly beat his then-wife Madonna with a baseball bat, and in 1989 he allegedly broke into her house, tied her up and violently beat her. Since then, both parties have denied the situation officially in 2015, but the allegations continue to live on and Penn pleaded guilty to them at the time.

    This makes the third thing that comes to mind when I think of Sean Penn all the more annoying. A poem he wrote about the #MeToo movement in his new critically panned novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” That’s right, a famous abuser of women has some opinions about the movement meant to out famous abusers of women. Will it be a mea culpa to the harm he himself has inflicted on others? The whole novel is reviewed in a Huffington Post article, which absolutely should be read. The poem about the #MeToo movement is a ridiculous six pages long and compares those who out their accusers to children. The entire thing can be read above. It shouldn’t be, but it can!

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