A video game, upon receiving a request from a teacher to discourage students from playing the game in class, has put the note from the teacher into the game's loading screen.
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  • When a teacher named Mr. Hillman had an issue with his students playing the video game Fortnite in class, he wrote the game developers a letter, and the developers ended up posting a note discouraging kids from playing the game in Mr. Hillman’s class.

    Fortnite is the latest big name video game/ toy that all the kids are bringing to school that is causing all the teachers unbelievable migraines. When I was a kid it was Pokémon cards that were stressing the hell out of my fine public high school educators. And, just a few months ago, it was fidget spinners! But look, us here at What’s Trending have to keep updated on the latest big trends bringing delight to children and anti-delight to our nation’s educators — and folks, now it’s Fortnite, another game where you shoot people in a vast desert, but for fun! One teacher isn’t having any fun though.

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  • When one Mr. Hillman wrote Fortnite a letter about too many students playing the game in his class, Fortnite obliged, putting a note in their loading screens saying “Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class.” Now, is it a little bit of a bummer that these students listen to a video game more than their dear, beloved teacher Mr. Hillman? Poor Mr. Hillman who has to write a letter to a video game in order to get his students to pay attention? Yes, absolutely. Did Mr. Hillman write the letter and get his name on a loading screen? Yes. And that on its own, is pretty cool. Congratulations, Mr. Hillman.

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