Walmart Boy Wins Over the Internet

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  • Video of Mason Ramsey from Harrisburg, Illinois has been making the rounds on social media. The ten-year-old troubadour can be seen singing his little heart out in housewares to the Hank William’s hit, Lovesick Blues.

    The internet has dubbed him “Walmart Boy,” which sounds like one of those corporate synergy comics from the 90’s. Marvel and the Walton Family bring you Walmart Boy, fighting his arch enemies, Target Lad and Union Organizer.

    This isn’t the young yodelers first go around, however. Mason has been singing all around his hometown, including Walmart, for a few years, earning him local celebrity status. It was at one of these Walmart performances where he was spotted by an area radio DJ, who invited him to play on station Beaver 100.3 last year.

    Twitter went nuts for the performance. People were tweeting and making memes all about their new obsession. And due to the use of the word “daddy” in the song,  some of them were kind of gross. Get it together, Twitter. He is a child.

    And because 2018 is an inescapable hellscape, there are already Walmart Boy Truthers.

    Did anyone look at that kid in those boots and think this wasn’t planned? Even if this were a calculated move, who can blame him? Plenty of viral singing kids have gone on to have real careers in the entertainment industry.

    So, good luck Walmart Boy. Hopefully, after the inevitable Ellen appearance, we don’t find out some horrible thing about your family that gives us all the blues.

    What do you guys think? Is this a calculated PR stunt? Let us know in the comments.

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