This really does not seem in the usual happy style of the House of Mouse.
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  • Look, we all have a weird bout with some bad feelings that we vent about on social media. Why — it’s the most natural thing to do when we feel bad to try to reach out to others! However, Disney shocked onlookers over the weekend when they tweeted out a GIF that seemed… strangely dark for Disney. They’ve removed it since, but Boing Boing helpfully saved the GIF that showed Pinocchio being touched by the Blue Fairy’s wand, not moving, as above him the words, “when someone compliments you, but you’re dead inside” proudly hung above his head.

    The tweet was immediately jumped on by the people of the Internet who seemed stunned that the kingdom of escapism and happiness all of a sudden courted nihilism as if it was just another quiz to decide which Disney fairy you are — I think I would be the Blue Fairy because I paid someone a compliment, but they were still dead inside — and ultimately Disney deleted the tweet. But for a second… Disney was the new Nietzche of the 5-12 crowd.

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