And her interview with John Mulaney somehow managed to top it!
  • Cardi B’s unbelievably charming interview with Jimmy Fallon — one which left the host completely unsure at what to do, and continue quietly escaping to sipping from his mug — was one for the history books. It was charming, strange, and Fallon was the perfect hapless straight man for Cardi B’s infinite and unique charming energy. We were — for those reasons and more — unbelievably excited to see Cardi B come on to promote her album “Invasion of Privacy,” and the next day clips are phenomenal. Watch above, as you witness Cardi B doing the monologue alongside Jimmy Fallon. Cardi B discusses how moms don’t like her that much, and along with Fallon, makes fun of Donald Trump’s incredibly ill fitting coat. It is a delight.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • All of Cardi B’s clips on the show were stellar — including her interview with comedian John Mulaney, where she continues to coyly refer to her prom limo in quick teasing details and receives a cute, little cardigan from John Mulaney for her soon to be born child. It’s all fantastic. Make sure to check out the clips!

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