Man Robs Bank to Try to Impress Taylor Swift

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  • Fellas, what’s the most romantic crime you’ve ever committed to try to impress Taylor Swift? Celebrities tend to have stalkers, and this kind of behavior is never healthy, always bizarre, deeply misogynistic, and in the case of bank robber Bruce Rowley — straight up dumb as all heck.

    Connecticut man and wannabe Taylor Swift stalker, like so many stalkers before him, wanted to commit a crime to win the attention of the artist behind “Look What You Made Me Do.” He did so by robbing the Webster Bank in Connecticut of $1,600 and having a dye pack explode on him in the parking lot before heading over to Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island and throwing the money over her fence.

    The man was arrested by Rhode Island Police shortly after.

    I’m not completely sure how the man thought this entire situation was going to go for him. Did he really think crime and $1,600 would be enough to win the love of a woman he’s never met? Anyway, for now, let’s just find the pure unfiltered comedy in a little man throwing about two months of rent over Taylor Swift’s fence in order to win her love.

    I bet this bank robber is all like, “Hey, Taylor Swift. Look what you made me do!” Like the song — get it? Anyway, don’t stalk celebrities and rob banks, folks.

    What do you think of this weird crime of stalker-y madness? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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