Not So Crazy Trend — Japanese Students Are Filming Themselves Studying

By Alejandra Moedano
Meanwhile, U.S. teens might literally be smoking bed bugs.

  • An online trend in Japan features students filming themselves studying.

    Yeah — in America, we might dump soda on our faces, almost die after eating the world’s hottest chili or consume Tide Pods, but the hot trend in Japan is sitting down and studying hard for your upcoming exams.

    This trend appears to have started in late 2016 when popular Japanese YouTuber Hajime Syacho uploaded a video of himself studying for an entire hour. While Hajime’s video wasn’t the first, it certainly seems to have inspired a trend. Hundreds of other such videos have been uploaded since then, most of them an hour long and nearly silent.

    If you search YouTube for Issho ni benkyou shoyou (一緒に勉強しよう), which translates to “Let’s Study Together,” you’ll see page after page of similar videos. And in the last few months, “Study With Me” videos from people in the U.S. have started showing up as well.

    The trend apparently generated enough attention that it was featured on a Japanese morning show featuring Hajime’s videos. While this trend might be what’s introducing Hajime to the U.S., he’s been a household name among teens in Japan for years. With over 6 million subscribers, he’s one of the most popular YouTubers in Japan.

    And, like every popular YouTuber, he had a bit of a scandal in 2017, when his ex-girlfriend Yuka Kinoshita accused him of being a playboy who had cheated on her. This forced Hajime to post an apology video where he denied the allegations but admitted he shouldn’t have allowed his friend to sleep over his house.

    Paul Brothers – take notice.

    Now, if you’re no longer in school but still think this could help you get work done, there are options for adults as well. There are also multi-hour videos of people doing desk work.

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